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Back to Basics: A Pre-Season Reboot with Cindy Ishoy

In this article Cindy Ishoy gets back to basics with this pre-season set of exercises focusing on rhythm, suppleness, and contact.

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By: Alison King |

With another winter behind us and show season just around the corner, now is the time many dressage riders start to focus on their tests. We memorize the movements and practice them over and over again in pursuit of perfection. But is this really the most effective way to prepare for competition? Olympic dressage medallist Cindy Ishoy wants you to put those tests away and spend the pre-season focusing on the basics: rhythm, suppleness, and contact. Training for a competition shouldn’t be any different than the training you do any other day. The key to success isn’t training for one test or practicing a particular set of movements over and over again. Success in the ring comes from correct, consistent riding every time you get on your horse. Ride gymnastically, ride correctly, every day. Every corner has to be precise. Every 10-metre circle has to be accurate, whether you’re riding…

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