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Stride Control for Show Jumpers with Erynn Ballard

Canadian show jumper Erynn Ballard is a master at stride control, and making the time allowed while keeping all the fences up.

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By: Erynn Ballard |

The sport of show jumping is ever-changing and continues to grow exponentially at the international level, with big name sponsors coming to the table to provide increased prize money, more competitions globally and increased attention on the sport. As the sport evolves, so does the technicality of course design and the tests asked of each horse-and-rider combination. With that, the margin of error has become incredibly slim, requiring near perfection to reach the top of the class and the top of the sport. For one of Canada’s best riders, Erynn Ballard, the key to successfully executing a clear round is stride control. “That’s what showing is,” said Ballard. “Stride control is finding a distance, riding in between the lines, making the time allowed. I believe you have to be able to go forward and slow down from start to finish on a course and that all has to do with…

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