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Accident Protocols at Equestrian Canada Horse Shows

What happens if a competitor falls or is injured at an Equestrian Canada-rated horse show? Learn more about their accident and return to play protocols.

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By: Susan Adey |

Equestrian Canada’s concussion-related Accidents & Return-to-Play rules came into effect January 1, 2017, for all EC-sanctioned competitions in Canada. The Concussion Protocol, which can be found under Safety and Welfare in EC’s General Regulations, states that “in the event of a fall/accident where a concussion can be reasonably suspected (not limited to a direct blow to the head or loss of consciousness), the competitor must receive medical clearance by qualified medical personnel onsite, through the EC Accident Injury Report Form, before continuing.” The competitor is solely responsible for ensuring the onsite medical assessment takes place. If the competitor refuses to be evaluated, he/she is disqualified from the event. Any competitor suspended from competing further at the event, based on the medical personnel suspecting a concussion, will be placed on a medical suspension list which is managed by EC until medically released by a licensed physician, and they must provide a…

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