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Point of View: Understanding How Horses See the World

There can be more than meets the eye when it comes to behavioural issues. Get better results when you adapt your training to how horses see the world.

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By: Angie Beaudet |

As humans, we have a tendency to expect our horses to see what we see, forgetting that their vision differs considerably from ours. By understanding equine vision and taking into account the way they perceive the world, we can learn to tailor the way we train our horses in order to allow them to become more confident and relaxed in their environment. 1. Horses see colours differently than we do. Humans have trichromatic vision (sensitive to the three primary hues of red, green and blue) whereas horses have dichromatic vision (only distinguishing two colours). They cannot see reds as we do, but rather see the world entirely in shades of blues, greens and greys. This distinction is particularly important in disciplines such as show jumping, where being able to identify rails is of great importance. Having alternating contrasting colours on jump poles is meant to help horses better distinguish them…

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